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Easy to customize

IntraActive Intranet assembles the most common intranet components in one solution that can be easily customized to fit your business needs.

Safe process

With our proven implementation process we will make sure that you will launch your new intranet - quickly and efficiently.

Attractive price

The combination of IntraActive Intranet and our efficient process allows your company to get a ready-for-use intranet within a fixed budget.

New functionality

IntraActive Intranet is continuously extended with new functionality and new apps based on our customers' wants and needs.

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Award winning intranet

Award winning intranet

99% of Arla's employees agree that the intranet "CheckIn" is an important source of information, making it the most important digital information channel.

80% use CheckIn either daily or a few times each week.

77% use CheckIn to get work information and 75% to be updated globally.

CheckIn has also contributed to significant efficiency gains, for example do Arla's news editors save about 2000 hours per year on the publication of news.

The launch of CheckIn has really helped to tie our colleagues all over the world together. The combination of a nice, intuitive design and the ability to choose the language and news categories you want, have made the portal even more relevant for our users. It can also be seen very clearly in our usage statistics.

- Nana Balle, Head of Global Internal Communication, Arla Foods
Targeted communication to 20,000 students

Targeted communication to 20,000 students

Main objective of the project was making life as a student a lot easier by allowing easier access and discovery of important information. gives students one central gateway to both the general and personalized content that they can access at any time from their mobile devices.

With our new intranet, we have a great tool for targeting our communications to our 20,000 students. This means that it's far easier for each student to be informed and stay informed on what is most relevant for her or him. The information, so to speak, finds its way to the students. So in that way life has become a lot easier for both the students and for us in the administration.

- Pernille Sølje Weiglin, Project Manager & Business Partner, CBS
Targeted communications and increased knowledge sharing

Targeted communications and increased knowledge sharing

EKJ's new intranet will help to improve productivity through targeted communications and increased knowledge sharing within the organization. It must simply be easier for the employee to obtain relevant information and share knowledge with colleagues.

We are very happy to have chosen IntraActive Intranet that meets all of our requirements and wishes for an intranet. ProActive has also been a good partner in our joint delivery.

- Thomas Petersson, IT-Chef, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører
Relevance, personalization and interaction

Relevance, personalization and interaction

An interactive intranet, where employees contribute to an active dialogue.

The solution particularly exploits the news app, which helps to ensure that each employee primarily sees the news and messages that are relevant to him / her.

We need a strong platform to ensure that the internal communication function optimally 24 hours a day. We have many employees who will be working around the clock on land and at sea, and it is absolutely crucial that internal communication is stable and efficient, no matter where our employees are located.

- Ajs Dam, kommunikationsdirektør, Femern A/S
Targeted communication and self-service

Targeted communication and self-service

The intranet delivers targeted news for the various sales regions and is offering the users a high degree of self-service, for example an image library to the company's many product images, allowing users to find images, logos etc. easily by using the dynamic search filters.

We got our IntraActive solution delivered in 4 weeks. After presenting the solution to our staff we have only gained positive feedback from the entire company.

- Bo Bjørn Jensen, IT- & Økonomichef, Geia Food
Brdr. Hartmann

Brdr. Hartmann

Modern intranet to streamline internal communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities for employees across the organization.

We are happy to have our intranet in the cloud. IntraActive Intranet was easy to implement, as functionality has already been developed and ready for use. In addition, our new intranet is well in line with our other tools, and it has leveraged the overall use of our cloud platform.

- Mikkel Wandborg Hemmingsen, Internal Communications Consultant, Brdr. Hartmann A/S
Mobile intranet

Mobile intranet

The intranet supports MT Højgaard's communications department in channeling the current news out to the right employees in different departments and locations.

The employees that are primarily located at construction sites get updated with company news from the intranet on their mobile devices.

Employees are definitely excited about the new intranet, it has facilitated communication a lot. And we have high hopes and ambitions of the new SharePoint platform.

- Morten Lykke Jensen, EA Manager, MT Højgaard
Odense Kommune



Powerful and dynamic communication is a major driving force behind an intranet. Modules: News module, Message Module, Notification Module, Banner Rotator, Events

Access anywhere

IntraActive Intranet comes in responsive design so the intranet can be accessed and used from any device without compromising the user experience. Modules: Responsive design template

Visual identity

With IntraActive Intranet's design templates it is easy to align the graphic design with your company's visual identity. Modules: Responsive design template, Page Templates, Mega and bottom menu


IntraActive makes it easy and efficient to target news and content to the right recipients. Modules: News module, Message Module and Notification Module


Employee engagement is important to create a vibrant intranet. Modules: Like and comments, Canteen Menu, Today's birthday boys, Events Today's employee, Quick Poll


Easy access to user-friendly self-service and collaboration tools helps your employees to be more efficient and productive. Modules: Phone book, Handbook, Admin module, Audit Management, Metadata


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Kick off

Kick off

Introduction - Vision Scope - Project plan

The purpose of this activity is to clarify the vision, scope and roadmap for your future intranet, to introduce you to the implementation process and to define roles and responsibilities. The result of this activity is a project plan.

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Needs - Structure - Design - Taxonomy

To clarify technical and business requirements is an essential part of the process. We define the basic building blocks for the configuration, structure and appearance of the intranet. We clarify the design and navigation, how the front page and the apps are set up and we define security model, metadata and taxonomy.

dot dot dot dot



Installation - Design - Components - Navigation - Personalization

We implement and configure IntraActive according to what we have agreed on in the previous workshop (Clarification). The solution is installed, the design is implemented, the frontpage is configured with the desired components and metadata, taxonomy, and personalization is set up.

dot dot dot dot



Adoption - Training - Governance - Community - Support

To ensure that your new intranet will be adopted in your organization, we define a communication plan and train your editors and administrators in SharePoint and IntraActive. In addition, we set up rights management and hands over product documentation. Finally you are invited to participate in our IntraActive Community and you will be introduced to our service and support department.

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Follow up

Follow up

Return on Investment - Additional needs - Road map

Three weeks after the training session, we have a follow up meeting to ensure that you are well underway with the use of your new intranet. We clarify whether any actions should be taken, for example if further training is needed or whether to launch new initiatives from the road map.

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